Bakery & Eatery
     Main Street. Faith, North Carolina
                  Cheese   Rolls
            Pepperoni   Rolls
   Snack Pepperoni Rolls
     Hot out of the Oven
Our Back Deck and Beautiful Legion Park
    Come see our new dining area and the Great Back Bar from a Local Drugstore
Small on the outside but large on the inside and Big on Taste
Shelley's Famous Cinnamon Buns made from scratch yeast dough,  hand rolled and baked to perfection
              Cinnamon buns getting their coat of sweet fresh whipped icing
Hot Dogs and Hot Cars
Yosties Bakery & Eatery                                  Tues. 10-6           Wed.-Fri.  8-6
 202 N. Main  Faith N.C.                                                        Sat. 8-2

                                                   Killer Hot Dogs
       A grilled wiener in a steamed bun with choice of mustard, onions & mild or spicy chili.

                  Hot Dog All The Way       mild or spicy                                  1.75
                  Nekked Dog    Just a wiener in a bun                                     1.00
                  Dog Gone       Must, Onion, Chili  NO Wiener                         1.25
                  Homeless Dog  Wiener, must, onion  NO bun                         1.25
        6 Hot Dogs ATW    9.00                      Dozen Hot Dogs ATW        15.00

Yosties Big Chili Spaghetti        Pasta, 3 Cheeses, Onions, Chili & Cheese Rolls           5.00
 Hot Toasted Meatball Hoagie    Marinated Meatballs, Mozarella on our own sub roll       5.00
 Pepperoni Roll   1.50     Toasted w/choice of cheese, chili or italian peppers .50 per item  

                                 Quick  LUNCH SPECIALS     Tax included
   2 Hot Dogs ATW, 2 bags chips, drink                                                                      5.00
   Bowl of 5 bean chili soup, cornbread or cheese rolls, drink                                         5.00
   2 Pepperoni Rolls loaded and toasted, chips, drink                                                   6.00
   Hot toasted meatball hoagie, chips drink                                                                  6.00

                                                Family Meals

          1/2 gal. chili beans, pan of cornbread & gallon of tea                                         20.00
          Pan of baked spaghetti, 8 cheese rolls & gallon of tea                                      20.00
          Dozen hot dogs atw, 6 bags of chips,& gallon of tea                                          20.00
          Yostie Sampler, Qt. of chili beans, Qt.of chili spaghetti, 6 hot dogs atw,
           cornbread, cheese rolls, & gallon of tea                                                           20.00
    Hand Rolled Cinnamon Buns baked here daily   single  2.00    6-pack  8.00     Dozen 15.00
    Fancy Southern Cheese Straws                       1/4 lb.  4.00          Full pound  15.00
    Regular and Jalapeno Cornbread in single slices or entie pan.  
         Daily selection of breads and rolls plus snacks, drinks and Excellent Iced Tea..
        Plenty of Indoor and Outdoor Seating, Real home cooking, No deep fryer or microwave !  
        We cater small parties & meetings...    
We COOK our mild and spicy hot dog chili daily with 100% ground beef and spices. It has NO onions cooked in it, we put raw onions on our dogs so that you can leave them off if you like.  ... Our hot dogs consist of a grilled weiner in a steamed bun with mustard, onion and mild or spicy chili.  Sorry but there's no ketchup, mayo, slaw, relish etc.etc. Once you taste one you'll know why.. We also put our chili on Pepperoni Rolls, and on the Yosties Big Chili Spaghetti..  Everything on the menu is cooked in house daily..Shelley makes her yeast dough from scratch every morning for our breads and rolls..   We don't bake 60 dozen  cinnamon buns a day like the ole days, but you can walk in during business hours and find what you want..  Everything we serve is made from the finest ingredients every day . We do not have a deep fryer or a microwave.  Our menu has items that are the best around, plus food you can't find anywhere in N.C. but at Yosties.    Bring the family and try something new...
      Some of the souths best hand cranked cheese straws baked daily from the finest cheeses
Saturday May 1st 2010  Yosties 3 years in Faith NC  Ribfest 
     The best ribs, bbq, and all the fixins enjoyed by all..
Our friend Keith set up the smoker, fired up the hickory, and supplied everone with all the ribs,   pulled and chopped pork they could eat..

Inside was all the fixins including : Carolina red slaw, baked beans, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, mac & cheese, 6 different cakes, cinnamon rolls, cheese straws and more
       Tuesday        10 am ~ 6 pm
          Wed. ~Fri.     8 am ~ 6 pm
          Saturday        8 am ~ 2 pm